Our Gymnastics program is open to boys and girls ages 2 and up and includes tumbling, balance beam, bars and trampoline. Using positive reinforcement, this program introduces basic gymnastics skills on colorful, age appropriate equipment. Portable bars, balance beams, trampolines, tumbling wedges and mats are brought in just like in a full size gymnastics school. We work on improving motor skills, flexibility, upper body strength, balance and coordination. Our program promotes self confidence and gives our children a feeling of accomplishment. According to Colleen Briggs, our Gymnastics instructor, “a child is never too young to experience success at something physical. Gymnastics training is a perfect foundation for future success in other sports and physical activities.”

Our Gymnastics students perform at our Christmas Performance and Graduation Celebration each year.

For more information about this program, please contact Colleen Briggs at 704-975-5246 or at [email protected]